How can                                     help ?​

  • Quality rehabilitation after injury

  • Get more power in sports through relaxation

  • Help to develop your horses movements patterns for better quality gates and sound horses.

  • Problem solving in sport horses 

  • Varied training of sport horses 

  • High quality knowledge based on the lates science

  • High quality condition training in top facilities 

  • Breaking in young horses 



Horses in training

You can leave your horse with us and we devote our days to giving them the best possible training,

We can help with: 

- Movements problems 

- Behavior problems 

- Joint problems, muscle tension

- Back pain, neck pain and other problems connected to movements! 

Our team are devoted to giving your horse the best possible premises to succeed as a happy and healthy athlete.


Both physical and mental distress can be rehabilitated through constructive movements. By changing how your horse moves, recognizing tension and learn the horse how to relax you help injuries heal faster and prevent fallback. All horses can rehabilitate through movements and our training will also prevent injuries.  

We rehabilitate: 

- tendon injuries 

- joint injuries 

-kissing spine 

- IS problems

- Pelvic problems

-behavior problems