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This blog will follow my daily work with all my horses, both private and those in training and rehabilitation. It will also be a platform for me to share my thoughts, visions, reflections and tell my story. Hopefully you will find it inspiring. Among other things, you will see how I train the horses, and get a look into our daily routines. I will try to cover specific exercises, feeding and how we vary the training to fix specific problems in the horses movements. The main focus will be on the horses and training, but you will also get a look into me private world and life as an equestrian entrepreneur. I'm looking forward to welcome you into my world, and I hope I can contribute into your world!

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This brand is founded with the vision to inspire and communicate with the sole purpose of achieving excellence in both equine welfare and performance. My hope is communicating my passion, knowledge, experience and love for our equine athletes.

The brand "L' Equitation by Linn T. Olafsen" is built of the words L'equitation in french and equitation in english. The word Equitation means the art of horse ridning or horsemanship. More specifically it refer to a rider's position while mounted, and encompasses a rider´s ability to ride correctly and with effective aids. These principles are the foundation of how I train and work our horses. I want to teach them to be sensitive, responsive to aids and to move as best and tension free as they possible can.

I'm 28 years old, and horses has been a part of my life since I was four years old. I have always had a dream to work with and for horses and each of my choices through life has been with the goal of achieving this.

I finished my Masters Degree in Ethology and Biomechanics with the Norwegian University of Life Science in may 2015. Hereafter I founded a company for training and rehabilitation of sport horses here in Norway. This company has it's headquarter at Semb Hovedgård in Horten and has been training horses now for 3,5 years. I have three horses myself, and I will be sharing our daily life and the storys of our horses in training and rehabilitation. I will also be sharing from my everyday life as an Equestrian Entrepreneur. So I hope you will stay tuned and follow me during this development.

Hopefully, founding the brand L' Equitation is the next step in making a change by trying to communicate, inspire and to share knowledge about welfare friendly training of sport horses!

- Linn

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