Introducing Isabeau Deckers - Equilibro Equestrian Physio

During the last few years of establishing our yard as a functional rehabilitation stable, I have met quite a few people. Some relations stick and some are ment to be a swift encounter, and then there are relations that will change your whole perception. I met Isabeau in London at Global Champions Tour last year - and this is a person I am so happy to introduce as a part of the

L' Equitation family!

Isabeau is a very passionate horse trainer and physiotherapist for horse and rider. Her aim is to contribute to the equestrian athlete's welfare up to their, and her own highest levels, and to bring research into practice. She spends every 6th week at our yard here in Norway, and will also be a writer here on this platform!

Isabeau founded Equilibro in 2019, and the general mindset is to contribute to the welfare of sport horses and their riders on a bigger scale. To chase this dream, she studied ‘Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Science’ at the University of Antwerp (2013-2018), ‘Basic Instructor and Trainer’ at the NCSAH (The Netherlands, 2017-2018) and she is currently completing the MSc ‘Veterinary Physiotherapy’ at the University of Hartpury (2018-2020). You can read more about her HERE.

In general practice this means Isabeau is available for physiotherapy for our regular clients and others here in Norway every 6th week. Do not hesitate to contact us to book a session - next visit will be in the end of november!

email us at or call 0047 922 20 244 to book a session. 50 % discount for all NEW CLIENTS!

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