Heading into 2020!

This year has been quite the challenge for me. It has been a year of major growth and development both business wise and personal. I have learned so much about my self, my boundaries and I have stood up for myself. I have let go of situations and people who did not contribute to a positive growth.. I got stronger. I clarified my vision, discovered new dreams and found the core values that helps keep the fire lit in this life.

The past four years have been a major life lesson and this decade has been unbelievable.

In 2010 i started my education at the Norwegian University of Life Science. I spent half a decade in school - before I spent another half a decade pursuing me lifelong dream of becoming a successful equestrian business woman. And school was a complete walk in the park compared to starting up a equine business in little Norway. My passion and my dream is to contribute to the welfare of our equine athletes. And I devoted half a decade studying the things I needed to know to have the amount of knowledge needed to start training horses. And now I have spent half a decade training and studying horses to develop a method of rehabilitating horses through movements. It is absolutely amazing to see what this kind of training does for the horses. And the only reason to continue to strive in this business is this - the welfare of our horses.

I had no idea the horses business was NOT about the horse. It breaks my heart all of the talks about who you need to be to be successful, what you need to do, who you need to know, and how you need to adapt to the "equestrian pack" to become acknowledged. How you are either "one of us" or not. In my dream equine business world the welfare of the horses would be the ultimate key and the ultimate reason to join forces, collaborate and develop.

But the lessons I have learned is this; The only thing that matters is your will to continue to grow and contribute to the things you believe in. Because when all others fail - the only thing you have left is that. The share willpower that follows a true and genuine wish and purpose of making a difference.

This business requires your body, heart and soul 7 days a week all year long. We do it for the passion and the love of our equine friend. I am looking forward to see what this year has in store for us. My lessons are learned and I am ready for a new year and a new decade which is dedicated to share the experiences from the last decade.

Happy new year, friends!

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